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Rambled is a specialized pet care provider offering dog walking, drop-in care visits for just about any animal you may have, housesitting, and pet taxi services. Coming soon: Canine Enrichment assessments and programs!

Founded by Amanda Gunderman in 2018, Rambled. made its debut in Upstate NY through Rover. Since then, Amanda relocated to Chapel Hill, NC and officially launched Rambled..

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"Specialized Pet Care" means providing individualized attention and tailored services for each pet based on their unique needs. We collaborate with your family to address your pets' social, emotional, mental, and physical requirements, delivering a personalized and attentive pet care experience. Other things that make Rambled. different include: mail and package collection, closing indoor doors to keep pets safe (as requested), adjusting thermostats, turning lights off or on, and other little favors that may have been forgotten.

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two dogs sitting on maroon area rug
two dogs sitting on maroon area rug